My Testimony

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  1. internet elias

    January 3, 2012

    I clicked on ‘My Testamony’ expecting to get a glimpse of the personal belief of the blog author….only to find the statement ‘Be the first to start a conversation.’ Neat. Cool. So I will seize the opportunity to share my faith. I am a life-long resident of the United States Bible belt regions …a Baptist/Methodist blend…lol. I am a retired educator of severely disabled populations. I have deep convictions about many things. And as the years have passed, my convictions are not the same as the beginning. I have grown. I have learned how little I know. And I am learning more each day the need to let God be God. I don’t know His thoughts. I can’t see a heart…not even my own. Thus, He alone is judge. For is trusting God enough to say, ‘thy will be done’ in all thinbgs.


    • You are the one with the neat and cool idea, for I had not thought of that, to make this a post where others can share their testimony. What a wonderful idea. Actually, I have not finished writing my testimony, and that is why it was empty here.
      Thank you so much for sharing your testimony.



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