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July 2, 2011


Pouring and sprinkling are not how it was done, no such teaching in the Bible. If you want to get particular about it, a person would be baptized and fully immersed while there was flowing water to symbolically wash their sins ‘away.’ However, the Ethiopian, when wanting to be baptized, saw some water, probably well […]

Speaking in Tongues

June 27, 2011


This is the most thorough and true explanation of speaking in tongues that you can read.  I thank God through Jesus, that God has revealed this to me.  May God’s truth keep you close to Him and Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, we read this about tongues… Isaiah 28:11 Very well then, with foreign […]

Testimony of a Former Roman Catholic Priest

June 26, 2011


I hope you take the time to read this powerful testimony of Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic priest.  Not all  his beliefs are correct, but what he says about the Catholic denomination is very informative.